New Construction or Exterior Remodeling

If you are considering adding a new yard barn, fence, pool, structure to enclose your garbage cans, expanding your driveway or any other exterior changes; please remember to get documented approval from the Review Committee prior to beginning construction. Brad Mills is the Chairman of the Review Committee. The Review Committee must approve all structures.

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Building Additions, Yard Barns or Pools
You need to get a permit (Improvement Location Permit) from the Area Plan Commission (APC) (812-435-5226) to build an addition, put a yard barn on your lot or install a pool. Complete the yard barn construction permission form (link above) and return to Brad Mills.  Send a copy of your permit, site plan (required by the APC) and the colors of the addition or shed and the shingles to match your house (shed shingles not required to be the same shingle style, just the same color) to us for approval. The restrictions require that the yard barn be "in conformity and harmony with the main structure." A copy of the restrictions are in the Covenants link above. This will show all of the restrictions and covenants. You can send Brad Mills your plans and colors for preliminary approval before getting your permit. We will email you with approval or comments after receipt of documents and colors. Pools require a 6 foot fence or an automatic pool cover.

New or changed fences require approval from Review Committee. Fences are not allowed in the lake maintenance easements. The requirements for a fence are in Section 4 (f or g) of the covenants and restrictions. Please provide us with the details for the fence; type material, height, design, finish, color, and a drawing showing the location.

Other Items
​Please send Brad Mills an email for items not listed above.

You do not need Review Committee approval for landscaping.

Review Committee
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