Fiscal Needs for the Keystone Community
One purpose of living in a community that has a homeowners association is to help insure the value of your property by enforcing covenants that are inherent to the community itself. When you purchased your home you were informed at closing that you were entering into a community association.  The annual fee is set by the Board of Directors and is subject to the standard annual operating costs and any capital projects necessary to be completed. Each year an annual meeting is announced where all Keystone community members are invited to attend. At this meeting you will have the opportunity to review the budget and give your ideas and suggestions to the Board.  
There are two assessments that are be billed for each calendar year:

The standard annual assessment is  $120.00

The private lake maintenance assessment is  $50.00
Your billing will be sent to you in early January of the calendar year.  We expect payment within 30 days. If you are unable to pay your annual fees you must contact the treasurer and inform he or she of your circumstances.  All reasonable circumstances will be discussed with the Board.  If payment is not received in 30 days a late payment fee of $15 will be assessed for each month delinquent. Collection efforts will be turned over to our attorney in July.