Your Board of Directors

Your Board of Directors are homeowners in the Keystone Community.  Each member is elected by the homeowners present at the Annual Meeting.  They are volunteer positions and they also help direct the efforts of the committee activities that are a part of this subdivision.   Here is a little bit about your officers.
Brad Mills is the President of the Board. He leads the Review Committee. He joined the Board in 2012.  He updates the website and sends out emails to the members. Brad and Marcia have been members since 2002.
Harry "John" Skinner is the Vice President.  John coordinates maintenance activities for the association.  John joined the Board in March 2021. John and Lyn moved into Keystone in 2020.  
  You may direct any questions you have to the Board by email, telephone, or by submitting a letter to the                 attention of your Board Member at the following address:

  Keystone Homeowners Association
  P.O. Box 8101
  Evansville, IN   47716
Cindy Turner is the Secretary and Treasurer. She joined the Board in 2013. She takes minutes of meetings and handles the finances of the association. Contact Cindy for status and amount of dues paid annually. Cindy and Steve have been in Keystone since 2003.
President            Brad Mills          812-746-8116     Review Committee Chair    
Vice President    John Skinner           812-430-6477     Maintenance Committee Chair
Secretary            Cindy Turner                  812-402-1464
Treasurer            Cindy Turner                  812-402-1464
Covenants          Matt Krampe         812-568-4434      Restrictions Committee Chair
Title Companies need to contact Cindy Turner for information on status and amount of dues paid on properties. 
Matt Krampe leads the Restrictions Committee.  Matt joined the Board in March 2021. Matt and Callie moved into Keystone in 2012.